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At Brown, Lacallade & Lange, P.C., we take a very practical approach to helping you plan for your and your family’s future.  We know that just as a builder of a home has to start with a foundation, so, too, must each family’s planning. 

The State of Texas has provided an optional foundation that you have to use unless you take action to do something else, but we can assure you that you would not want to use it!  Your Brown & Lacallade, P.C. foundation plan will be carefully tailored to meet all of your particular needs and concerns.  Unlike the State of Texas plan and planning offered a low cost over the internet and by non-lawyers who are really trying to sell you insurance or an annuity, planning here is definitely not one size fits all for everyone. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed and lost to find a place to start your planning, like someone trying to figure out how eat an elephant.  Don’t worry.  We are here to guide you every step of the way. 

No matter how great your wealth or complex your needs, the first step we will take with you is to create a foundation plan on which all of your other planning can be built.  We do this for very practical reasons.  First, the State of Texas plan is so bad that you need to do something right away to make sure it does not govern your estate.  Your family is too precious to expose them to that risk.  Secondly, from experience we know that if you have complex issues and try to “eat the elephant” all at once, the probability of your actually completing your plan is practically zero.  For many families, a foundation plan is all they will ever need.  For others, it is a starting point.  After your personal Family Wealth Planning Session with Dick Brown, you will have a clear picture of the path before you and a flat, agreed fee for getting your foundation plan in place and fully funded. 

Click here to read about our four levels of Family Wealth Planning.

Click Here to View Our 3 Levels of Family Wealth Planning  Our Four Levels of Family Wealth Planning

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