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Our 30th Year of Empowering Clients to Plan for & Protect Themselves & Those They Love


Welcome to our family wealth planning web site. This site is not designed to educate lawyers.  It's only purpose is to help you find answers to your legal questions, including how to choose the lawyer for your family's planning needs.  Here we use only everyday language - never "legalese."  If you have questions that we haven't answered here about planning for yourself or your loved ones or the administration of an estate or trust, please Contact Us and let us know what they are.  We'd love to hear from you.  We are here to serve you whenever you need us.  To learn a little more about who we are and how we're different from other lawyers, please listen to my brief recorded message then explore our web site.
                                  Dick Brown



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 Click Here for Info on Estate Planning

 I have questions about Family Wealth Planning (also called Estate Planning)          
 Click Here for Info on Our Highland Lakes Office  I need a lawyer and I live in the Highland Lakes area
 Click Here for Info if You Have Lost a Loved One  I need help dealing with the estate of a loved one
 Click Here for Info on Services Pertaining to Young Children  I worry about what would happen to my young children if something happened to me
 Click Here for Info on Services Pertaining to Adult Children  I'm afraid one of my children may lose their inheritance in a divorce or if they get sued or because of their immaturity
 Click Here for Info if Your Concern Is Running Out of Money  I'm scared of running out of money if I need nursing home care
   I hate the idea of paying death or gift taxes
 Click Here for Info on Disability or Special Needs  I need help planning for a loved one who has a disability or special need
 Click Here for info on Nursing Home/Medicaid Help  I need nursing home/Medicaid help for someone now!
 Click Here for Info on Services Pertaining to Pets  I am worried about who will care for my pet if it outlives me
 Click Here for Info on Having a Personal Family Lawyer

 I need a lawyer I can count on for life


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Legal Disclaimer: The legal information presented on this web site is general in nature and applies only to matters governed by the laws of the State of Texas. Nothing on this web site is intended to be or may be construed to be legal advice. No attorney client relationship will exist with Brown, Lacallade & Lange P.C. unless we so agree in writing after personal consultation. Please contact us for a consultation on your particular legal matter. This web site is not intended to and does not solicit clients for representation in matters outside of the state of Texas.